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About Me

I began my career as a Cartoonist in fourth grade, when I copied a drawing of Mickey Mouse onto the top of my desk.  My teacher must have really loved it, because she invited me to stay after school and spend a little extra time with her that day!

She kindly suggested that I might want to begin doodling on paper instead of the furniture.  So I took her advice, and began creating comic books and selling them to my classmates in exchange for their lunch money.  Apparently, I was fairly successful.  I have a bit of a tummy these days, and most of my former classmates are still skinny.


By the time I reached the seventh grade, I was selling my cartoons to magazines and newspapers.  And I've been at it ever since!


I've worked with Mobil, Bell Atlantic (Verizon), Tribune Media Services, the Complete Idiot's Guides, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Multi-Ad Services, Impact Books, Peel Publications, Super Duper Publications, SmileMakers, Childswork/Childsplay, The Bureau For At-Risk Youth, and many other wonderful companies.


If you need cartoons or illustrations for any of your projects, feel free to get in touch and perhaps we'll get to work together too.


What some of the folks I've worked with have to say:


"Steve impressed me from day one with his professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness, and humor, among so many other good qualities. Each project Steve works on is a success. Not only are his cartoons spot-on, his attitude is, too. Steve consistently delivers 100%, top-notch work, often well before the due date."

- Christy Wagner, Senior Development Editor - The Complete Idiot's Guides


"Steve's cartoons reflect his sharp wit and raw talent. It's often hard for me to choose which ones to use, as he provides so many excellent options. I don’t get how he comes up with so many of these so quickly. I wish I had that talent."

- Ginny Munroe, Lead editor and owner of Deadline Driven Publishing


"We were under the gun to get some cartooning done quickly, and thank goodness we found Steve. Not only did he do a terrific job on the art, he was very professional AND finished well before the deadline."

- Jane Bird, Freelance Coordinator, SmileMakers


"Working with Steve is so effortless you'll probably want to pinch yourself to be sure you're not dreaming. In each of the eleven books Steve has done for us, he has delivered before deadline, and gotten (the few) changes we've asked for completed almost before we finished asking for them. Kind of amazing, really."

- Doug DuBosque, Art Director, Peel Productions, Inc.


"I wish all of my authors were Steve Barr!"

- Editor who probably should remain anonymous for her own safety.


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